What is Winpet?


WinPet’s fabric has become antimicrobial and anti-allergic via various methods. However, it is recommended to perform regular dressing for the wound during the recovery period for the patients using WinPet. If dressing cannot be done for various reasons, infection risk reduces due to the antimicrobial feature of the fabric. In such cases, WinPet should be used in such a way not to overtighten the patient. However, neck cord should always be fixed on the neck like a tight leash. Thanks to the anti-allergic feature and soft texture of the product, WinPet does not irritate the operation site although it surrounds the body as a tight cloth.


WinPet’s fabric is subject to various finishing processes, is transformed into a nanotechnological form by different sizing methods and is produced as the technical fabric. Currently produced WinPet’sfabrics have the minimum standards and development studies of the fabric are ongoing in the R&D process.


Raw fabric of WinPet that has not turned into a product yet, is 100% liquid-tight. Such that the patient can lick the wounded area over the fabric as much as it wants. The moisture here never reaches the wound and does not infect the wound.


In case that the WinPet’sfabric is cut, it does not de-tack and unstitch from the incision site. WinPet is not a tailor-made boutique product. When the product is applied to the patient, it can be required to be shaped by the veterinarianaccording to the gender of the patient, type of the operation and size of the patient. In this case, WinPet’s fabric can be cut like a paper and can be reshaped during the incisions.  The patients desiring to reach the wound insistently such as cats, can bite the WinPet’s fabric as much as they like. However it is very hard to open a hole and to unstitch the product.


WinPet’s fabric can be bitten, cut, and if the same region is exposed to friction insistently, it can beworn.However, it is hardly torn even although it is pulled by biting. Its tear strength is quite high.


Due to the elastic fabric feature of WinPet, the product takes the shape of the body of the patient. WinPet, suitable for the ergonomy of the patient, does not affect the daily living comfort. Transition between the sizes is easier due to this feature. Obese and slim patients can use WinPet in the same size easily.


WinPet’s fabric dries rapidly when contacts with liquid. Such that,liquids that may likely penetrate from the ventilation holes, which are opened for providing wound ventilation cannot stay on the fabric due to this feature of the fabric. They rapidly evaporates without infecting the wound. Thanks to this feature of the fabric, liquids used in dressing cannot damage the healthy tissue.

After the injuries and operations, this is ahigh-techmedical product made of technical fabric in order to prevent the pet patients from harming their wounds and to avoid the reduction in their living comfort.
With the slight pressure effect applied by swaddling the body in a soft and comfortable way;

  • It removes the fear and uneasinessof the patient,
  • It enables the patient to feel safe,
  • It prevents the instinct of scratching the wound by distracting the patient.

      It can also be described as a “Wound Protective Corset” that protects the wound against external factors.



Design and fabric technology is the work of a long-term R&D process. Field works and feedbacks have been successfully completed.
It is a scientific project conducted in the coordination of the Ministry, Governmental and Academic support.
The product is under legal protection around the world with Turkish Patent Law and International Patent Cooperation Treaty.

WinPet Body Tool

In which operations should be used?


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Bilen URAL

My daughter’s cat had surgery and the Vet used this corset after an operation. It was prevented to damage the hot spots and stitches. Collar is very irritating but this way is much more useful. Even all the efforts we put on it, it passed away on this day, two years ago. I recommend everyone to use this corset. It is easy to use and very comfortable.


After my female cat was neutered right after operation e-collar was worn but when it woke up. While it was trying to get rid of it, It bit and gum’s of it was cut. I started to fish around the alternatives online and I saw Winpet. Mr Emirhan provided the delivery of the product in one day. Winnipeg was worn to my cat and the possibility of reaching out and defecting of the hot spot are disappeared. We are very satisfied. If you cannot make your mind, I recommend this product.


My cat had elective caesarean section. Collar was used but the cat never accepted using it. I coincidentally found your product “Winpet”. No need to say a lot about it. This product is perfect. Now we are happy. Thank you.

Mustafa TUCER

I used your products after the neuter surgery of my dog ( Boncuk ) . It funtioned perfect. Thank you for your all effort.


Our daughter “ZuZU” had a neuter surgery. We did not want him to have a hard time with the collar. We found the Winpet online and we ordered it. And after the surgery, our doctor put on it ve Zuzu started to use it without collar and bandage. We are happy and Zuzu is happy as well. I requested Winpet to present their products more commonly and put more effort into it to make the products more accessible. Thank you all team members.


My little kitten had got a tumour and unfortunately, It has been a tough surgery. It had the long stitches and bandages after stitches were removed, it licked the hot spot and hot spots started to get worse. I purchased Winpet corset and we relieved so much, İt has got soft and quality fibre. We were very happy with it. I recommend it.


Arthur had a stroke and he is planned to put him sleep ( frankly speaking It will be killed by giving it injection ) at that time Ozgun Ozturk Tasdemir who is the founder of aid association ( Respect right of life ) heard about it and they involved the process to save Arthur. Thank you, everyone, who made contributions to cover treatment cost of it. It also has got itching skin problem and it has been treating for it as well. It constantly lied and stretched its back but these motions caused the movement of the diaper. As soon as Winpet heard about it, Winpet sent us the product. Thank you Winpet Family.


My girl “Tati” had surgery of the tumour and neuter on Saturday. I start to search Winpet which I saw the advertisement of coincidentally before. I reached out their web site and called their head office. Thank you for their all effort, they helped me to have winpet. Just after my pet’s operation finished, I had my girl wear the product. My girl relieved like it have not had surgery before. In the first day, I took my girl out to urinate. If my girl had not the winpet corset, I do not think I could touch my girl. Besides, It was so hygienic. It is very good that you developed such a product and we could have such a product. I thank you with my all heart. My girl thank you for the all comfort that the product provides. I strongly recommend the people who have got similar problems.


Pets which were wounded and had surgery definitely should use WinPet.


My pet had a hernia operation and just before the operation, we used the collar due to the allergenic reasons. Frankly speaking we could not use it because when we arrived at home ,hard times started It was like torture. We all started to look for the other options which do not contain collar and we found the WinPet, We were very happy to find it but we had some concern about it in the begining but WinPet is the great product, the feature of the fibre lead to prevent growth of bacterias and the fibre is elastic and this is another thing that the product great. I thank you to be introduced to such a good product. Do not torture either yourself or your pet by using a collar. You can use the Winpet with no hesitations.


It eases the post-operation process of pet by preventing licking and biting the hot spot. constantly use the product. It functions very well.


Winpet should use all cute paws who have been operated and injured.

Mustafa TUNCER

I used your product after my dog's bead sterilization surgery. Excellent eder Thank you very much. Health in your hands, in your labor…


My cat underwent a caesarean section. They got collars, but he never refused. I found your site and Winpet by chance. Simply great. Now we are very happy. Thank you.

Why Us?

You have lots of reasons to choose WinPet

    It is rather easy for the veterinarian or the patient’s owner to access the injury and dress the wound. Wound ventilation is provided without any problem. It can be used safely for big sized patients and cats.


    It is easy to use. It is also practical to have the patient wear and take out it. As long as the user guide is followed, it is not possible for the patient to take the product off and access the wound.


    Compared to other conventional methods used during the recovery period, the patient using WinPet can take care of himself without any pet sitter. He can meet his basic needs. He can also be mobilized immediately after he comes out anesthesia.


    The patient that goes through a trauma after an operation and injuries has a tendency for depression and anxiety. Having a soft texture and elastane structure that slightly covers the body all over, WinPet helps the patient to feel safe. It distracts the patient that is swaddled with soft touches at many points and faces with an unfamiliar situation and prevents him from focusing on the wound.


    Owing to its adjustable design and elastane structure, WinPet covers the body more tightly than usual and partly restricts the movements in over-aggressive and nervous patients; thus, it causes distraction and helps the patient calm down.


For the WinPet suitable for the body length, chest, and weight


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