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Frequently Asked Questions

The WinPet MedVest’s fabric is a result of a long R&D process after many trials. The design of the product with fabric technology is under legal protection with National and International Patent Laws. While its fabric technology is being developed, strength and comfort are kept in balance. Thanks to the elastane feature of the product, WinPet MedVest’s fabric does not tear even if it is bitten. However, if it is insistently rubbed on a sharp surface (lattices, walls, etc.) or crushed by biting, it will become deformed and may tear. Or if large dogs insist on scratching the same region with their paws, they may deform and tear the fabric. However, even in the largest size dogs, any problem is not generally observed in short-term recovery period (8-10 days). Additionally, if it is thought that it is impossible to prevent 30 kg and over patients from reaching the wound in the postoperative period, WinPet MedVest has been a solution to this problem substantially.

Depending on the operation area, especially in cats; bending the legs (Crocodile Walk) during the use of the WinPet MedVest is accepted as normal for the operations performed under the abdomen and lateral walk (crab walk) is accepted as normal for the operations performed from the lateral abdominal cavity.

In postoperative period, there are different treatment protocols used by the veterinarians. However, our clinical experience in the patients using WinPet MedVest is in the direction that infection does not usually develop and recovery period is quite faster in the patients using suitable antibiotics with regular dressings as several times a day (preferably, with Rifamycin) without requiring dressing sutures in the recovery period.

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For patients using WinPet MedVest, it is essential to customize the product based on their gender and body structure after application. In male dogs, ensure a proper Penis Space is created, while in female patients, be sure to check the Vulva Cavity. Patients should wear WinPet MedVest in their natural environment for a minimum of 6 hours. If the patient experiences discomfort urinating or defecating, the product should be reshaped accordingly. Failure to do so may result in urine leakage between the skin and MedVest, leading to infection in the surgical area, as well as skin irritation and odor.

For patients who use WinPet MedVest after caesarean operations, make sure the product snugly fits around the body. Additionally, create nipple spaces beneath the abdomen, using the small holes on both sides of the midline as a guide.

The neck cord of WinPet MedVest should be fastened snugly around the neck of the cat or dog, similar to a leash. Otherwise, especially with cats, they may manage to remove the product by maneuvering their hind legs towards the front part, much like taking off a catsuit. For dogs, if feasible, secure the cord to the leash. Otherwise, there's a chance the product might gather on the patient's body.

The risk of hernia will emerge in case the patient is very active in the recovery process especially after the operations during which it is compulsory to open a large incision line. This risk is partly eliminated due to the fact that MedVest will support the abdomen and the operation area with an extra power. Additionally, in very active patients, WinPet MedVest’s wrapping the patient’s body tighter than normal will lead the patient’s movements to become partially slow and calm.

R&D process of WinPet MedVest has still been continuing. There are prototypes of WinPet MedVest to cover whole body including paws from the nasal tip in large-nosed dogs and ear level in other pets to tail tip. It is not possible to use MedVest only for injuries occurring around the genital areas and the anus. Today, only our commercialized product is WinPet MedVest‘s Body Apparatus. In the R&D process, the design of the other parts of the collection has been developed for more practical use by the end user and they will be commercialized soon.

After the operation, your patient absolutely have pain. However it cannot be caused by WinPet MedVest. Sometimes, the adaptation period in cats may extend to 48 hours. In order to shorten this period, the patient should wake up with MedVest after the operation and the product should never be removed from the patient for any reason. It should be remembered that WinPet MedVest is a medical product. It should be applied by a veterinarian and it should not be removed without the permission of the veterinarian.

There is no sweat gland on the skin of dogs and cats. They only sweat from under their paws. ( Dogs also regulate their body temperature via respiration. If there is a different wetness on MedVest other than normal, probably the dressings are not performed regularly or the wound may get infected. Or WinPet MedVest used is not suitable for the patient and the urine of the patient leaks inside the product. Please contact your veterinarian.