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Herbert was born in the Netherlands, grew up there, He worked as Academian there. He met the love of his life. He fell in love with Deniz who is a Turkish girl. He left the Netherlands and came to Turkey after her. His work, his family, his friends, his hometown, his money all were left behind him for her. He couldn’t just leave a single thing. The pet which he called it my companion, it is his lovely friend JOLLY. After coming to Turkey and he established a happy life with his wife and his companion, Jolly. Many shortcomings did not bother Herbert, because everything he loves was with him. Herbert went out for a walk every morning with his friend Jolly, during the walk its needs were met. One day, Herbert and Jolly went for a walk. Deniz was preparing breakfast at home, and she became curious because Herbert and Jolly were late. Deniz was looking from the window. After a long wait, the door rang. Deniz opened the door a bit reproachful but she couldn’t say anything. Blood was dripping from Jolly’s body, injured. She felt like something was knotted in her throat, she could not swallow. she could say “What happened” with quite a voice. 5 big street dogs attacked Jolly. It was so close to death. Herbert was injured too when he tried to save Jolly. Jolly was in shock, it was bleeding, but it wasn’t letting anyone help. They put Jolly in the bathroom. They didn’t know what to do. The town where they live was a small place. It was not possible to find an animal hospital and an ambulance. Deniz decided to call the family friend physician with hope. She knew that her friend, the Physician, works very hard. In desperation, she called for help over the phone. Shortly after, her fellow doctor reached Jolly but Jolly did not accept anyone’s help but its life was still in danger. Jolly was anaesthetized right there. The house bathwater was converted into an operating theatre. The wounds were cleaned with a quick operation, bleeding was stopped and dressed, serum was inserted. After the operation, the Doctor dressed WinPet MedVest to Jolly. Shortly after, Jolly awoke from anaesthesia. He had survived his life. His viciousness had disappeared and he had calmed down.  It slept through the day, a little annoying day. Everyone was in a bad mood in the home. It wasn’t easy. However, the next day was a new day and it was a new hope. The next morning, Jolly woke up early. It ran to Herbert. Herbert was awake. He did not sleep all night because he was warroied about the previous experience he had. Jolly has had undergone a little operation before, couldn’t heal for weeks because it has been depressed for days and have played with its wound, opened its stitches, at that time its wound was protected by classic methods. It refused that thing that stuck in his head. Herbert spent many days at next to Jolly and waited for it to recover. He couldn’t work this time. It was also economically challenged. He was so afraid of going through the same thing. But there was a difference from previous experience. Jolly was happy… even calmer and excited like before the surgery. Although its injuries were very serious, he was not interested in them. Jolly wanted to go out like alwayt it does. Herbert thought it was strange, but he was happy with it at the same time. As soon as Jolly left the door, she started running to the area which it was attacked. Herbert said,… He was looking for dogs that attacked him. But there was no one. After meeting its needs, they decided to return home. When they came home Deniz welcomed them at the door. She was scared! She was upset. She said ” Where are you’  Herbert laughed and said ’everything is fine  This day was no different from the other days… Jolly didn’t mind his wounds. The WinPet Medvest on it didn’t bother at all. He even liked his new dress. Herbert dressed the wounds after breakfast, gave antibiotics. They gave information to physician friends over the phone. They told him about how they were surprised. The physician friend told them about the features of WinPet MedVest. They learned that WinPet Medvest provides a calming and self-confidence feeling for the pets. He also explained that it was a great innovation and that this process was made easier. Ten days later, the phycician invited them to control and to remove stitches of Jolly. Herbert was still puzzled. He did not expect such a quick recovery. He didn’t go to work that day just in case. But everything was fine. At the end of ten days, Jolly was completely healthy. Jolly was checked at her clinic. The physician took its stitches, the wounds healed smoothly. Herbert was still confused about what happened… (Event and Heroes are Real. Please Click for Video

Herbert was born in the Netherlands, grew up there, worked as an academic, and comes from an educated family. He met the love of his life, Deniz, a Turkish girl, and left the Netherlands to be with her, leaving behind his work, family, friends, hometown, and possessions. He couldn’t bear to part with a single thing. His beloved pet, whom he called his companion, was a dear friend named JOLLY.

After moving to Turkey, Herbert established a happy life with his wife and faithful companion, Jolly. Despite any shortcomings, Herbert was content because everything he cherished was with him.

Every morning, Herbert and Jolly would go for a walk, tending to Jolly’s needs along the way. One fateful day, as Deniz prepared breakfast at home, she grew concerned when Herbert and Jolly were unusually late returning. Peering out the window, she waited anxiously. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the doorbell rang. Deniz opened the door, her expression a mix of reproach and worry. She couldn’t find the words, as she saw Jolly, bloodied and injured. She managed to utter, “What happened?” in a strained voice. Jolly had been attacked by five large street dogs and was perilously close to death. In trying to save Jolly, Herbert too was injured.

Jolly, in shock and bleeding, resisted any attempts to help. They managed to get Jolly into the bathroom, but they were at a loss for what to do next. Their small town lacked an animal hospital and an ambulance. In desperation, Deniz reached out to a family friend who was a physician, hoping for a miracle. She knew her friend worked tirelessly. With a heavy heart, she made the call. Before long, the doctor arrived, but even then, Jolly refused assistance, though his life still hung in the balance. With no other option, the doctor administered anesthesia right there in the bathroom, turning it into an impromptu operating room. The wounds were swiftly tended to, the bleeding was stopped, and Jolly was bandaged and given a saline drip. After the operation, Jolly was dressed in a WinPet MedVest. Gradually, Jolly awoke from anesthesia, having miraculously survived. His aggressiveness had vanished, and he was calm. He spent the day resting, though it was a restless one for everyone in the household. It was a trying time, but a new day brought renewed hope.

The following morning, Jolly woke up early, rushing to Herbert’s side. Herbert, having stayed awake all night out of worry, was relieved to see Jolly’s improved state. Although Jolly had undergone a previous operation and had taken weeks to heal due to depression and tampering with the wound, this time was different. Jolly was happy and even more spirited than before the surgery. Despite serious injuries, he paid them no mind. Eager to go out as usual, Jolly headed straight to the spot of the attack. Herbert followed, searching for the dogs that had harmed his faithful companion, but they were nowhere to be found. After attending to Jolly’s needs, they returned home, where Deniz awaited them at the door, visibly shaken and concerned. She asked, “Where were you?” Herbert chuckled and assured her, “Everything is fine.” It was just another day for Jolly, who seemed unfazed by his wounds and even took a liking to his WinPet MedVest.

After breakfast, Herbert tended to Jolly’s wounds and administered antibiotics. They consulted with their physician friends over the phone, who were equally amazed at Jolly’s rapid recovery. They learned about the calming and confidence-boosting effects of the WinPet MedVest, appreciating it as a valuable innovation that had made the process easier. Ten days later, the physician invited them for a check-up and to have Jolly’s stitches removed. Herbert, still in awe, took the day off work just in case. Thankfully, everything went smoothly. At the end of the ten days, Jolly was completely healed, and the physician confirmed it at the clinic. Stitches were removed, wounds had healed beautifully. Herbert remained astounded by the turn of events. (Note: Event and heroes are real. Please Click for Video

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