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Aunt Fatma and Uncle Arif were a happy couple who live in the remote area of a small city. Uncle Arif worked in a job which requires physical effort too much for many years and he was eventually retired.   Their children were married and left home. Aunt Fatma and Uncle Arif continued their happy life in their small house but their children could not visit their parents at all times because the children worked outside the city. Aunt Fatma gave her love to the animals on the streets. In particular, cats are an integral part of her life. She loved her cats. Fatma Aunt, who has been carrying the burden of many years, has fought against diseases and has suffered limb losses because of this However, her tired body also had a big, loving heart filled with conscience and compassion.

Aunt Fatma haf difficulty in carrying the burden of dozens of street animals she feeds around but she did not stop looking after them. It was hard to bear the responsibility of all of them and nobody helped him with this. Uncle Arif started to talk about the subject that matters. Cat named as Nazli which they like as much as they like their granddaughter and other female cats should be neutered. They started to do research for this. This operation can be done free of charge at the Animal Shelter of the city where they live. Preparations are made quickly. Cat was put in a cage and then was taken directly to the shelter. The Nazlı cat’s ovaries and uterus are removed and neutered. Apparently, everything was fine. However, the next day something unexpected happened. As soon as the cat regains consciousness, it opened all of the stitches and infected the wound. It was taken to back to the shelter now. The same operation is repeated. The stitches are refreshed. In order to protect its stitches, Collar which is one of the classical methods was used however, the cat went crazy when she woke  up from anaesthesia. This thing in its head made crazy. it tries to get rid of it with its paws. İt screamed and asked for help but Aunt Fatma is determined. The collar must be still because the doctors warned her. The cat shouts all day long and asked for help. It did not eat anything, It did not drink water He resented everyone but especially Aunt Fatma. Aunt Fatma’s tender heart could not withstand the pain of the cat she pulled that thing out of Nazli’s head but she was aware of that the cat would play again as soon as he get rid of it. Aunt Fatma did not leave the cat alone, Aunt Fatma did not sleep at night, she kept watching it. When it necessary to leave from the side she wrapped the wound of the cat with the scarf in her head but Nazlı’s wound is very itchy, and when the cat caught an opportunity to touch the wound, It did it. Fifteen days have passed since the operation but the wound did not heal. The cat ate less than it always does. Aunt Fatma was aware of a problem. In desperation, they began to investigate again the solution to this problem. If she did not do something, she was aware that she will lose the cat.

At the end of a small research, she learned that a physician in his city has experienced something similar before. They took the cat to the clinic. When the doctor examined the cat, he realizes the seriousness of the situation. the cat wound had a severe infection. Decay started in the injured area. The infection made it worse and worse. The physician explained the seriousness of the situation. Aunt Fatma could tell the Doctor with all her heart in tears ’Save my Nazli’ ’. The cat had a risk of death. The cat was taken to the urgent operation. After a very difficult operation, the wound recovered,  the general condition got better and the wound was dressed. In the clinic, after the operation,  WinPet MedVest was dressed to the Nazli . Aunt Fatma was confused by what is going on. She was afraid to go through the same things again. She wanted to leave the Nazli in the clinic for a few days if necessary. However, the Physician says that this was not necessary. Aunt Fatma was nervous. Sleepless nights, fatigue and the fear of losing the Nazli, All of these made very Aunt Fatma very sad. She was afraid that her sick and tired body cannot bear it. But the Physician was confident. The physician wanted the wound dressing to be done regularly,  to be given the drugs on time, to come back for a check-in a week. Aunt Fatma reluctantly took Nazli on her lap and left the clinic.

That day was very difficult for both of them… Nazli had severe surgery. Anaesthesia has exhausted her. He felt sick and very sluggish.  Aunt Fatma was very upset to see it like this  But there was one thing that was beautiful… The girl was more comfortable than previous surgery, She was peaceful. And the determination of the physician made Fatma aunt. The cat would get through this time… Aunt Fatma felt that the cat would survive. Her tired body could not bear any more insomnia. She felt sleep next to the cat. When she opened her eye she feels wetness on her face. It was Nazli.  It was night time and the cat approached to lick her face. Aunt Fatma eyes were shinning. She believed that Nazli would recover. She immediately got up and gave a little milk to the Nazli. Nazli drunk the milk. This is also something matters. For the first time for a while, It has eaten by itself. All this time, Aunt Fatma has always struggled to feed it. After dinner that day, everyone at home was happier and more relaxed than they have not been in a long time.

The next day Nazli woke up before everyone. It was hungry. Aunt Fatma immediately got up. Aunt Fatma gave it some cheese and egg and Nazlı finished all of its plates and it drunk a little warm water. His gait was slightly different. The reason was asked to the physician the reason for it. Physician said that WinPet MedVest would contact with the cat’s wound and that’s why Nazli might be a little uncomfortable. He recommended that neck lanyard should be fastened tight but touch close and fasteners can be loosened. It could make the cat ease. It was not really important because the cat was not very uncomfortable with Protective Suit. The cat could continue its daily life, it could own things. The most important thing it does not deal with its wound. Aunt Fatma was also comfortable and happy to see this situation of Nazli. She decides to go to a next-door-neighbour who she has not been for days. There is no longer a need to wait next to the cat. It slept peacefully all day long, got up and did its thing, and then lied down on its mat again. Nazli was a naughty cat but it turned into a calm and relaxed one instead.

A week passed very quickly, It was time to control time in the clinic. The doctor examined Nazli. Everything seemed pretty normal but It was too early to remove the stitches. No need for the usage of medication.  He only recommended dressing for a few more days. He said he can remove the stitches after five days.

After five days, the cat was completely healed. The stitches were removed. Medvest was taken out. Last dressing was done. Aunt Fatma received the WinPet MedVest from the physician. She intended to take it home and clean it up and use it in other cats. You know, this dress saved her cat’s life. (Events and Heroes are Real. Please Click for Video)

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