The Use of WinPet in The Recovery Period of a Dog After it was Injured by Firearms at Close Range

Firearm injury was identified in both hind legs of a 70-kg kangal dog of the factory showing activity at OIZ. It was observed that there was a burn injury with soft tissue loss on the right hind leg of the dog that was brought as seriously injured to our clinic, no damage was present in the bone tissue, and there was a burn injury with partial tissue loss on the left hind leg. After the surgical operation; first prototypes of WinPet Wound Protecting Corset were used for the patient. Despite the failure of regular antibiotic administration and dressing; during the control performed at the end of 15 days, it was observed that the left hind leg of the patient completely recovered and the right leg had recovery of 60% and histogenesis. Then, the patient could not be followed up

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