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WinPet MedVest  M Size

This is a medical product manufactured to make the pet patients comfortable in the period after operations and injuries. It is a postoperative protective suit for the pets that prevents the development of depression and anxiety feelings by swaddling them with a soft touch and makes the patient feel safe by reducing fear and uneasiness. It is made of technical fabric. Its robust structure, elastane fabric feature, powerful velcro straps that allow easy transition between the sizes, soft texture, and design that allows the wound ventilation help the patient and his owner to overcome the recovery process without impairing the quality of life. 

Wound recovery process is completely under control with WinPet M Size MedVest. This challenging and distressful period shall become quite practical and easy with MedVest. 

WinPet MedVest M Size  is the greatest assistant of those who feel the distress of our furry friends in their own hearts and it is a product that facilitates the life for them. MedVest, developed by academic support after a long-term R&D process, is the choice of innovative, farsighted and vision holder veterinarians. Apart from small operations, it is the greatest assistant of the veterinarians in the surgeries with a long and challenging recovery process and also in dermatitis and eczema diseases.