WinPet MedVest (Pets’ Medical Vest) proves highly effective for cats and dogs recovering from injuries sustained during fights. 
Waist and neck injuries are very common in small breed dogs and cats that are attacked by large dogs.

A pet that undergoes such an attack should be carefully lifted from the ground and taken to the vet. The patient should be kept away from sudden movements. The first consideration should be to stop any bleeding caused by deep bite wounds.

Afterward, the patient should be taken to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

When dogs of similar height and weight fight, the wounds are generally not life-threatening. However, precautions should be taken against complications that may develop later.

In such injuries, the feathers in the bitten area and the bacteria in the mouth of the biting animal can spread to subcutaneous and muscle tissue, potentially causing infections. Afterwards, abscesses and cystic lesions are likely to occur in these areas. For this reason, injuries after fights, even minor abrasions, should be taken seriously, and the patient should be checked by a veterinarian.

Tissue crush injuries usually heal spontaneously after a few days. If the pet was not taken to a veterinarian for superficial wounds, the use of diluted rifamycin or other antiseptic solutions should be sufficient for the healing of superficial wounds. However, it should be kept in mind that drugs used in the dressing and hot spot area will likely be licked by the patient, which can delay the healing process. WinPet MedVest should be used during treatment to prevent the patient from interfering with the wound.

Pets involved in fights may exhibit unexpected behavior due to the trauma. Even normally calm pets may display aggressive behavior because of the shock and pain from the incident. Therefore, it is important for both the treating physician and the owner of the patient to be cautious around the patient.

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