Generally, waist and neck fractures are frequently encountered in the small breed dogs and cats exposed to attacks by large dogs. When exposed to such attacks, pets should be treated with extreme caution while being removed from the ground and transported to the veterinarian, and the patient should be kept away from sudden movements.

In the bleedings caused by deep bite wounds, first of all stopping the bleeding should be considered. Then, the patient should be delivered to the veterinarian in the fastest way.

Bite injuries that occur in fights of dogs with the same size and weight are not generally life-threatening. However, precautions should be taken against complications that may develop afterwards. In such injuries, the hairs on the bitten area and the bacteria in the mouth of the bitten animal may cause infections by reaching to subcutaneous and muscular tissues. Subsequently, abscess and cystic lesions may likely develop in these areas. Thus, in the injuries after fighting, even minor scars should be taken into consideration and the patient should be examined by a veterinary physician.

Tissue contusion occurring as a result of fighting usually recovers spontaneously at the end of a few days. In case of superficial injuries, i.e. superficial scars, if the veterinary physician is not visited, cleaning of the area with diluted Rifamycin or different antiseptic solutions and continuing the treatment for a few days may be sufficient for recovery. However, it should be remembered that the medicines used during dressing and also the injured area will be licked by the patient. This will delay the wound healing. WinPet Medvest should be used during the treatment in order to prevent the patient from interfering with the wound.

Pets being involved in a fight may show unexpected behaviors due to the influence of the event. Pets, which are normally quite peaceful, may exhibit aggressive-offensive behaviors due to shock, pain, and ache of the event. It is therefore important for the veterinary physician and the patient owner to be careful against the patient.

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