The recovery period after operations and injuries that is called as postoperative period is accepted as one of the most problematic processes of the Veterinary Medicine profession. Not managing this process correctly and not keeping the wound healing under control, not protecting the wound from the patient and other external factors may cause serious complications in spite of a successful operation. Sometimes, it is even possible to lose the patient depending on the problems appearing during this period. In addition to the legal – conscientious responsibility, this situation will lead to the loss of customers and prestige on behalf of veterinarian and clinic. The conventional methods currently used are now rejected by many pet patients and patient owners. The existing conventional methods remain unsolved for many patients and cases. Therefore, the physicians are developing alternative techniques. The hidden and aesthetic stitches, attempts to perform the major operations in very narrow areas and bandages with different specifications are all the attempts to bring solutions for this problem. However, the target success criterion should be overcoming the post-operative period comfortably by the patient without being depressed. There was a significant search in the world until today but now WinPet Wound Protective Corset has appeared as just the solution of this problem.

Forward-looking physicians with a vision, who keep their patient’s comfort in the forefront in accordance with deontology principles, prefer WinPet Wound Protective Corset. WinPet is a high-tech medical material that is made of technical cloth. It provides prestige and awareness for the physicians who prefer this product.

In addition to them, WinPet Wound Protective Corset is the greatest assistant of veterinarians in the most difficult surgeries, at cases said to be impossible to recover, and at cases with long recovery periods such as dermatitis and eczema.

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