Pets are exposed to small-large injuries, accidents and operations during their lives. All the pets experience the distress of recovery process at least once in their lives. They may encountered eczema, dermatitis and fungal infections and may have wanted to preen their wounds insistently. In the recovery process of the pet patients; methods that will restrict their movements and their lives are applied in order to prevent their such actions. Such classical methods trigger discomfort-stress, fear, uneasiness, and timidness and also depression. Body resistance is broken in unhappy, insufficiently fed, timid, embittered and obsessed pet patients due to depression and recovery process prolongs. In this process, it is required to show empathy towards the unhappy patients that are losing weight.

However, in the recovery process, the pet patients using WinPet Wound Protecting Corset, can become self-sufficient and can overcome this process without losing anything from their comfort. They can continue living as they wish and they can meet their own basic needs. There is no impairment in the life and living comfort of the patient. Wound recovery process develops in its natural course because the pet patients which do not fall into depression, they feel safe and they are sufficiently fed lose their body resistance. In the event that no any other problem occurs, recovery is completed in a short period of time.

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