Pets are usually more than a friend in their owners’ lives. For them a pet is a friend, a confidant and a fellow that will never be ungrateful to them. The most important thing is that a pet is a weak living being, who is trying to survive in the men’s world. The pet owners know and feel these. Pet friends who speak the same language and share the same feelings can understand each other. They know that pets get hungry and thirsty as humans; they get tired, get angry, they love, they get happy or unhappy and they get sick. Their only problem is that they cannot talk about and explain them. However, they express themselves rather well. Their superior abilities are much more than humans.

Pet owners feel the joy and sadness of their pets in their hearts. Operations and recovery process cause a lot of stress for them. The traditional methods to prevent the pet from touching the wound after the operations are big problems for pet owners. The patients are very annoyed in these conditions. However, if the veterinarian wanted this in that way, the process needs to be experienced as necessary. There is requirement and obligation. Sometimes, this process can be an obligatory reason for being apart. The pet patients may have to stay at the clinic for days in uncomfortable and tight cages. This situation is full of sadness and longing and financial loss for pet owners. Financial losses may be disregarded most of the times. The important thing is that the pet friend recovers soon and goes back home happily. However, the experiences and the possible process in the recovery period are as described above.

Yet now there is the WinPet Would Protecting Corset. Now, there is no need for sleepless nights, tiredness, waiting near the pet friend for days and being apart without a cause for days after operations and injuries. This is because the recovery period after operations can be completed comfortably at home with the help of WinPet provided that the veterinarian allows it. The pet patient that feels safe in the environment of her home and with the soft touch of WinPet will not fall into depression and the process will be overcome much more comfortably and quickly.

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