The Use of WinPet in The Recovery Period of an Open Infected Wound Treatment of The Cat

Ovariohysterectomy operation was applied to the female tabby cat of Mrs Fatma YETIS at the animal shelter and a collar was put on the cat after the operation. The patient that could not use the collar, had removed its sutures several times. In the patient that was brought to our clinic for severely infected operation wound, severe necrosis in the incision site at the median line as well as adherence of the organs in the abdominal cavity to each other and to the abdominal wall were observed. The patient with poor general condition was taken to an operation urgently. Primary recovery was provided at the wound area on the 12th day. Within this term, parenteral antibiotics was administered to the patient and the dressing was done by rifampicin. The patient that used WinPet Wound Protecting Corset, completed the recovery period at home.

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